About Me

About Me

Who am I? I get defined by many identities — I am a daughter, a sister, a student, a learner. I’m an Indian.

I’ve a strong belief that I am what I read — and being a bibliophile keeps changing the definition of ‘I’. However, the one thing about me which always remains constant is my love for literature. I’m a lover of words. I am also a lover of travel and coffee and petrichor and poetries and poets. I’m a wonderer. I am a debator, I am an orator, I am a writer, I am a poetess, I am a feminist and oh, I’m a Gryffindor.

I’m evolving. My 17 year old self is someone very different from my 14 year old self and as I keep going up this spiral, I realize that this change will remain constant. If you ask me to introduce myself, my answer would differ every other time. There’s no fixed way in which I can define myself. There are some things about me which have always been the same and some things about me that are drastically different from what they used to be. Mostly, it’s a good change and that’s a fact I’m proud of. So yes, tomorrow I might not be the same person as I am today but I sure hope to be a better version of myself when tomorrow comes.

To sum up, I am nothing for more than a billion human beings, I am something for a handful of those who love me and I am everything for me and myself.

They call me Manasi Varwandkar.

[Last updated – 2018]