Darling, sleep

Darling, sleep

To my best friend, who could honestly do with some sleep. For you, a thousand times over.

Where the stars remind you
Of your happiest days
And the sky tells you
That you are safe
I want you to close your eyes
And think of that time
Where you held yourself
In your mothers arms
And synced your breath to her
As you tightly held on to her warmth
And she gently rocked you
Till you were calm
Until you weren’t crying anymore

Where the clouds tell you
To be with your own
And the shy moon
Crinkles at your smile
I want you to lay down on the soft grass
And /breathe/
I want you to drink up every drop of oxygen
But leave behind enough for your mother
I want you to remember you’re alive
And how it feels to live
I want you to look into your own eyes
And love yourself for how beautiful you are
And for how beautiful it is to see

Where the mountains echo
Of nothing but peace
And the gentle breeze
Whispers you lullabies
I want you to make a cushion for yourself
And sing yourself to sleep
To sing away your fears
Until your palms hold nothing but courage
To sing away your pain
Until you are only left with the aftertaste
To sing away sadness
Until you realize how it feels to be
I want you to hold yourself once again
And I want you to sleep

Darling, it’s time to sleep
Darling, it’s time you sleep

~ Manasi Varwandkar

Finger Hearts and happiness 🙂

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26 Replies to “Darling, sleep”

  1. I hope there is no copyright because i am gonna sing it to my mother now
    Don’t really know how to appreciate you now
    Great work Manasi

  2. Amazing!!! With every line.. Tremendous thoughtful mind come to eternal calmness.. great read Manasi??

  3. Wow ✌️ that was a superlative poem as well as being very well written!
    Good post ✌️✌️✌️ I’m on your Twitter and I’m leaving my info for a return favor of following and commenting on my post!

    Thank you for this awesome poem ?☀️?✌️?⚡?

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