Enola Holmes: a movie review

Enola Holmes: a movie review

Who knew there could be tears in your eyes at the end of a detective movie?

Enter Enola Holmes. Set in 1884 England, this movie follows the (mis)adventurous life of a teenager abandoned by her mother, forgotten by her brothers, who is kept hidden from the outside world and its demanding social conventions.

Enola, spelled backwards: a l o n e, leads a mostly solitary life with the sole exception of her mother’s company. As such, when she finds out that her only companion has left her bereft, her entire world comes to a halt.
And thus begins her journey on the path of exploration.

Be it tackling reformist issues of the 19th century, fighting for women’s rights in a male dominated country, dealing with the (in)famy that being a Holmes sister brings, discovering family secrets that reek of suspicion, choosing a future for herself that is not somebody else’s idea or simply, trying not to fall for but anyway falling for a young Viscount, Enola sets the example of how just a little bit of passion, desperation, wit and love can make all the difference.

What starts with a young girl falling off a bicycle, clueless and on the look out, ends with a young girl riding away on her bicycle having found her purpose and freedom.

If there’s but one movie you watch in 2020, let it be Enola Holmes. You’ll get to see poetry come into life in the form of flowers. You’ll get to see a dream cast bring out the best of their stories. And above everything, you’ll come across mysteries that require detective-level dedication and you’ll have fun solving them.

A comfort movie in 2020. 09/10 recommended.

– Manasi Varwandkar

“There are two paths you can take, Enola. Yours, or the path others choose for you. Our future is upto us.”

[[ Originally written and posted in 2020. Link to orginal article: click here! ]]

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