Flâneur: it refers to a person who walks through public spaces, observing and appreciating the world going by.

Look outside more often
You’ll find secrets hiding in plain sight

The flower that wilted out its buds
Still lives a life as beautiful as
it’s first day on Earth

The love that left you a little too soon
Still blossoms in the graveyard
that you left behind

The scars of hurt and remembrance
Do not shine down the Sun

Your tears are precious, my love

Don’t lose parts of you
over demons that make you shiver

The cold is not worth your pain

~ Manasi Varwandkar

/Today, I was a flâneur/

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15 Replies to “Flâneur”

  1. It’s not easy to know what Manasi has on her mind but the Flaneur applies for sure to a student who lost expectations in an examination as also to one who lost a dear one to heart as also to one who lost in their business. Great, Manasi, great indeed..! May God bless you..!

  2. I wish this reaches to the person who needs to have this encouragement…
    Beautifully written fu!
    Everything happens following a Devine design.
    All we are supposed to do is keep moving forward.

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