Garden glass

Garden glass

I am escaping
into myself
Some days,
I wish I was more poetry than words
More art than love
A shadow from the backdrops
A dew in the fall
Like a primrose
Soft and withdrawn
So when the spring comes knocking next February
I’ll take birth again
In a garden of glass
I’ll whisper new names
I’ll dance around with the sunbeams
I’ll let the winds chase me again
I’ll fly with the dawn
And drown with the dusk
And in the morning
I’ll spread my wings again
I’ll be the echo that gets lost
in it’s own reverberation
I’ll put the music in reverse
And count back to the day
A hope lasted forever
I’ll walk back to the moment
I found myself a home
And with the delicacy of a pianist
I’ll stretch out my fingers
In an attempt to hold it again
And even though my poetry
Cannot bury the laws of physics
I’ll build myself a time machine
bring back the words to my heart

that once resided underneath this skin

ButI know,

I know that I’m only a flower
And words can only take me so far
So when the winds finally catch up with me
I’ll slow down at their touch
In October,
I’ll return back home
Back to where I now belong
I’ll fall with grace
And with grace,
I’ll bring down my whole town
But before I leave
I’ll knock at one last window
Because the garden of glass
That gave me birth
Is now a crystal castle
And the little girl who sits inside
Is a reflection of all that I ever wished to be
So I’ll hand her the cassette
Which took me back to my forever
So that I can make her believe
That little girl,
some hopes do last forever

But it’s November now
And today is not that day
Because today,
I wish I was more words
than just poetry.

~Manasi Varwandkar

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14 Replies to “Garden glass”

  1. You are a flower do blossom with grace and I’m so proud of you and reading this makes me so happy . Keep up the good work .

  2. Woah Manasi
    The lines were great ???
    This is beautiful ???
    Next year…..
    The sorting hat is gonna sing your poems before the ceremony

  3. Not only the content is beautifully written, but the flow of the poem is amazing as well!!! The end made me go to the beginning again!!
    Keep it up girl!! Keep it up!

  4. This was truly such an inspiring piece. The best part is that it could mean so many different things to a reader!
    I think only the one capable of extracting the metaphor-ised reality out of this beautiful piece of art can enjoy and realise it to it’s full extent.

    Keep writing, Manasi. You do wonders, always.

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