“The Map of Tiny Perfect Things”

“The Map of Tiny Perfect Things”

John Keats once wrote that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. Well, today I think I witnessed that miracle for myself.

It’s an uneventful Monday afternoon. I’ve loads to do, but I only feel like doing nothing. So I’m sitting on my bed, with a jar of black currant ice cream in one hand, and a hot water bag in another, and I’m doing what I do most to escape reality: binging.

But you see, the thing about escapism is that it has a very short long reach. It keeps you occupied for what seems like an eternity, but soon there comes a point when you’re at the edge of the world and you realize you can’t run anymore.

For most people, this realization sucks. But today, I realized that not all reality is worth escaping. Because just as I was about to go give up, the universe sent me a wake-up call.

As I was binging, I stood up and went outside to my balcony to be in the rain. You see I had reached the long-short point. Even the lives of fictional characters couldn’t keep me away from my own thoughts.

I took a beautiful snap of the rain. I was just about to save it & leave, and that’s when I saw it: a beautifully arched rainbow in all its glory right outside my window. It was so pretty and so perfect, almost as if somebody had sensed my sadness and placed it there just for me. At the right moment. At the right time.

And I know, I know, you could say that it was just a coincidence, explain it with mathematics. You’d say what are coincidences but a perfectly aligned series of events.

And you’d mostly be right.

Except, when it comes to matters of heart, you can’t explain emotions with numbers.

At that moment, when I saw the fully formed rainbow, all that I had been upset about instantly vanished from my thoughts. All that mattered was that there stood a thing of beauty before me. And what a wondrous thing it was to behold.

Sure, it passed away almost as soon as it arrived. But today, the universe gifted me a rainbow when I needed it the most. And that’s the thing about beauty, it doesn’t stay forever – just long enough to remind you of all things worth remembering.

It’s true that we’re losing time every day, all the time, until one day it’s all gone. But you’re gaining it too. Every second. Perfect moments, one after the other, until, by the end, you have your whole life.

– The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

– Manasi Varwandkar // 19th July, 2021

🌈: 📍 Whitefield, Bangalore

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