There’s a sadness
That engulfs them from within
An ache for a home
A desire to belong
A longing for things
They have never known
An unforgotten hope
Draped in illusions forgone
If the winds go north
They wish to become the stars
If the stars be shy
They dream to be the light
For it knows to cease the dark
If the light turns blue
They’ll hold it in their palms
Give it a new canvas
And paint it in colours
Those before them had only dreamt of
But if the light refuses to be held
They’ll become the wind itself
Usher in stories that are yet to be written
And songs of a Mockingjay
Of peace without war
Of love without hate
Of a time yet to come
Of a time taking shape
They are the dreamers
Who fly a little too close to the sky
Those who chase horizons
That seem a little too out of reach
They exist in you
And they exist in me
At times behind veils
Contained and curtailed
Flickering up like strangers
That keep finding us
From time to time
In crowded bus stops
On lazy afternoons
Quietly sipping coffee
Behind windows newly stained

~ Manasi Varwandkar

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43 Replies to “Unfinished”

    1. Manasi this is such a beautifully written poem. Wish you the best as you chase horizon.

  1. Those who chase horizons
    That seem a little too out of reach
    They exist in you
    And they exist in me..

    You struck a chord here…

  2. Chasing the Khsitiz….. Means Horizon …. As long as we keep chasing will always be considered a Dreamer……!!!

    Dreams give us the kick to wake up every morning and chase….!!!

  3. I’m sure dear you will touch the acme – the pinnacle one day. Keep sharing your beautiful thoughts and dream with us. God bless u

  4. ‪“Who fly a little too close to the sky‬
    ‪Those who chase horizons”‬

    ‪May the world around you provide the inspiration to fly n chase horizons all the time…‬

  5. Manasi,
    To me, your poem describes a ‘world’ which a student or a soldier will find so close to his heart, but to claim that I understood the full import of your thoughts will be an audacity … Abhinandan, all the same !

  6. It’s a beautiful emotional rollercoaster ride called life!
    And your description of the same in a couple of lines,
    Is empowering and encouraging.
    Thank you for being yourself, Manasi.
    Loads of love for you, my #psychstud.

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