Tell me about the words
that flow through your veins
on a soft autumn afternoon
Tell me about the coffee
that you brew for yourself
on days that you feel
far off and alone
Tell me about the nights
where you sung yourself to sleep
not because you were tired,
but because you felt too tired to be asleep
Tell me about the poems
that you hide underneath your fingertips
Tell me about the music
that you’ve built a fort around
in your heart
Tell me about the diary
which holds every single one of your secret
ever since you were a little kid
Tell me how you fell in love with the rain
and why you think the rain couldn’t ever love you back
Tell me about the time you went swimming
all alone, on a chilly November morning
just to get the heat off of your head
Tell me about the storms
that reside inside you
and about the time
they almost made you give up
Tell me about the stories
that run through your mind
when they say
“you’re too young to be in love”
Tell me about the time
you got lost in the crowd
with a hope that said
“You’ll find yourself in the camouflage”
Tell me about the colors
that paint your scars
and the flowers

that remind you of home
Tell me about the ghosts
that lie under your bed
only ever crawling up at midnights
in the form of a broken haiku
Tell me about the time
you learnt to draw lines
between living and being alive
Tell me
Tell me everything that you are
and have been
since the day you realized
that you are someone
and that you could be something

~ Manasi Varwandkar

This world mental health day, join the movement against Silence and Stigma! Let’s unmute ourselves!

I’m a mindspeaker, are you?

[Post in association with Young Mental Health Advocacy program, as under Dr. Samir Parikh, Fortis Healthcare India]


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56 Replies to “Unmute”

  1. The fact that you can take something that is a daily occourence in everyone’s life and make us conscious about It, make us think and ask ourselves all sorts of questions about it is so so beautiful and unique and gosh!!!!! I’m so so so proud of you.?????????????

  2. Everyone has some past memories in relation to every line, that pours into mind as one scrolls down, giving a joy of remembrance and a joy of resemblance with everyone around?
    Superb!! Keep going…

  3. Mansi has maturity of thoughts far beyond her tender age. Exquisite piece of poetry..something like silk..soft but strong like steel. Published specially in Puja days when we celebrate Shakti …one who can slay thousands of Mahishasurs but still knows and values more the vitality of creating one Ganesha. People who have witnessed more than their fair share of bloodshed knows the true value of peace or life…be it King Ashoka or common soldiers at border or even Doctors. Most of the WW2 veterans just wanted to go home and grow something. Healing or creating has more therapeutic value than the thrill of killing.

    Being strong puts more responsibility on you, for then you have to fight for people who are too drained to standup for themselves. Kudos to you Mansi for having shown that rare courage, kindness and care for such a cause. In old days they’ll call such people a Messiah who can hear silent cries, sense pain cloaked in garrulity and soothe hidden wounds. You are a blessing Girl.

  4. Able to understand the behaviour of mind and have portrayed that it is common to all…paving a way to unmute so that everyone is at peace and have a loving path of life to tread ahead
    Many a times one needs someone to just listen to their mind voice. They do not even want the listener to react…only when it is left unshared there is this stress…
    Great job Manasi u have probed into the minds of human and portrayed it in a wonderful poem. This is a heavy topic for a girl of your age
    This shows how much of mental stability u have and also that u have highest EQ, AQ, SQ w which is exhibited through your IQ

  5. Wonderful poem narrated by Mansi. It provides a sense to live the life more than your routine responsibilities. God bless Mansi. Keep it up.

  6. It sends a strong message to the people who have stopped sharing their inner feelings in today’s Social Media era leading to depression.
    When we speak out we share our deeper emotions. This lightens our heart leaving us emotionally and mentally intact or happier.
    Kudos to this young author for this expressive piece. Keep up the good work.

  7. Incredible, Insightful, Ingenious, Impeccable are few of the adjectives that I could think of to describe your work. Keep it up Mansi. A poet hidden in a budding lawyer is great quality and an edge too ?

    It seems there is a deep inner world of wisdom that exists within you. You are the chosen one.

    God bless you !!!

  8. Very relatable and beautiful poem. U have given voice to millions of muted and closed hearts…. Keep writing… Good luck!

  9. Beautiful peep in narration of what lies deep inside …. Excellent stretch of thoughts.

    Keep writing more and more …!!

  10. Manasi ,this poem took my me back to my teenage.transition from innocence to adulthood…mix of feelings..
    Very well written…let all the grace of God shower up on you .

  11. Dear Manasi such a sensitive and soulful poem. I am sure many of us can relate to most lines in this poem. Unmute…such a strong word.

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