/waiting for you in the afterlife/

/waiting for you in the afterlife/

Let’s fall in love one more time
I’ll try to forget you in a lifetime

I’ve been waiting for you on the other side,
Darling, won’t you come be mine?

It’s been a long day
And it’ll be a longer night
I see our shadows dancing
Our fingers intertwined
Darling, come out and play
Don’t you wanna be mine?

Whispers in the hallway
Of a love lost in the dusk
I see you through the smoke
I say your name
like I’ve loved you before
Darling, leave me your touch
And I’ll leave you the moon
Just come out one more time
I have been waiting for you
in the afterlife

Don’t be afraid
Of the winds that hold you back
I’m standing right beside you
Don’t you see me yet?
Darling don’t hide from me
I’ll seek you again tomorrow night
Let me love you one more time
And I swear I’ll forget you this time

Don’t count down the seconds till the morning comes
Time stops when you’re not mine
But darling, it’s almost midnight
Look at me, behold me in your sight
Before I disappear
in this lonely night
let me sing you a lullaby

The stars shall soon leave the sky
Hurry, we’re running out of time
Knock down the hourglass in my wait
Yet make no promise to stay
I shall linger by your door
Won’t you come a little close?
It’s time for me to say goodbye
Darling, let’s fall in love for one more night
And maybe I’ll forget you this time.

~ Manasi Varwandkar

POV: A lover calling out to his muse from the afterlife.

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17 Replies to “/waiting for you in the afterlife/”

  1. Beautiful..❤️
    That transition from “and I swear…” to “and maybe…” was just perfect!!!!

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